David Longoria - A better place (album)


The new album features a theme of doing good for the world. The first song, Make The World A Better Place is a fun, upbeat song to inspire others to join me in trying to do some good. The second song Don't Let Another Mother Cry is a jazz ballad taking on the danger in the streets of Chicago where innocent children and others are being killed at an alarming rate and it isn't getting the attention and remedy it needs. This one was written and created for an upcoming movie called Mothers Cry, taking on this issue. Terra Pax is also an original song that seems to sing to a woman called Terra Pax. In Latin those words mean Peace On Earth, so I wrote this song in a way to cry out for the need of this Terra Pax. Look To The Sun is a jazz tribute to Gospel music where maybe we can look beyond our minds to the creator for help as we discover our many problems in life. I Can't Get started is a traditional trumpet players song and I performed this in a way to keep it melancholy. Precious Innocence is a jazz and poetry combination I wrote and performed to address child abuse that is happening all around us. Icon Barbara Morrison joins me for a unique cool jazz take on the jazz classic Body And Soul. My trumpet gets to be the star often in this album especially in the opening song where it dazzles. (I hope!). The album has a fresh take on jazz with both a classic jazz feel and modern approaches. Pianist Rique Pantoja, known for being Chet Baker's pianist, adds his Brazilian jazz touch to the album. Soulful singer Promise Marks reprises her Mood appearance with an outstanding performance joining me for Summertime. davidlongoria.com also found on wikipedia

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